Nationally Recognised Training (NRT)

Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) refers to vocational education and training (VET) courses and qualifications that are recognised and accredited across Australia. This means that the skills and knowledge gained through these courses are acknowledged and accepted by employers, industry bodies, and educational institutions throughout the country. The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is the national regulator for Australia’s VET sector. It ensures that training providers comply with national standards and deliver high-quality training that meets the needs of students and industry. ASQA also plays a key role in accrediting courses and qualifications to ensure they meet national training standards. Nationally Recognised Training covers a wide range of industries and occupations, from hospitality and construction to healthcare and information technology. Whether you’re pursuing a certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma, completing an NRT course provides you with a portable qualification that is valued by employers across Australia. Nationally Recognised courses are listed on providers must apply to deliver Nationally Recognised courses and once approved they can then market the approved courses by using the official NRT logo. The Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo is a distinguishable mark of quality for promoting and certifying national vocational education and training leading to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications or Statements of Attainment.

Australian Qualification Framework

The AQF stands for the Australian Qualifications Framework. It is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and training. The AQF provides a unified system for all qualifications across the country, from schools to higher education and vocational training. Key features of the AQF include:
  1. Levels of Qualifications: The AQF categorizes qualifications into levels based on the complexity of skills and knowledge required. There are 10 levels in total, ranging from Level 1 (Certificate I) for basic skills to Level 10 (Doctoral Degree) for the highest level of academic achievement.
  2. Qualification Types: The AQF encompasses a wide range of qualifications, including certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees.
  3. Pathways and Recognition: The AQF supports pathways between different types and levels of qualifications, enabling individuals to progress through their education and training based on their abilities, interests, and career goals. It also facilitates recognition of prior learning and credit transfer, allowing individuals to receive credit for skills and knowledge gained through formal and informal learning experiences.
  4. Quality Assurance: The AQF ensures that qualifications issued by registered training providers and educational institutions meet national standards for quality and consistency. This helps maintain the integrity and credibility of qualifications across Australia.
Overall, the AQF plays a crucial role in promoting lifelong learning, facilitating workforce mobility, and enhancing the international recognition of Australian qualifications. It provides a transparent framework that enables individuals, employers, and educational institutions to understand the value and significance of different qualifications within the Australian education and training system. All Sunshine College Vocational Education courses are recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). For further information, visit the Study Australia or the AQF website.

CRICOS Courses

CRICOS Course Code Course Code Course Name Duration Location
10979M SIT30821 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 52 VIC – 18 Withers Street, Sunshine
109665J SIT40521 Certificate IV in Kitchen Management 104 VIC – 18 Withers Street, Sunshine
114419C SIT50422 Diploma of Hospitality Management 100 VIC – 18 Withers Street, Sunshine
114420K SIT60322 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management 115 VIC – 18 Withers Street, Sunshine